We appreciate you may not know a great deal about our club, so here is an overview.

AEK Youth FC was formed in 2006 and provides youth football to the local community regardless of ethnicity and is based in LB Enfield. The club has consciously not grown rapidly like other local youth teams, instead preferring to spend time to develop and focus on each individual player at the club both in a footballing and social sense & whilst there are 100 players across 6 teams, there is a community feeling across the club where all teams, parents, players & coaches know each other, look out for each other and are all striving to achieve the same goal as a collective. Our approach to the game, our behaviour on and off the pitch is consistent and this possible due to our size and the buy in of everyone at the club. Whilst the club is ‘smaller’ than most, it has a very solid foundation with a strong and driven committee, the prestigious FA Standard Chartered Club status, fully audited accounts, superb training facilities and all the coaches are FA qualified including Dave C our u16 coach who has the pro Uefa qualification, DBS checked and have Emergency 1st Aid qualifications.

The 3 key principles which are followed by all the teams are:

1. Have Fun
We are keen to ensure all our players have fun, play football with a smile on their faces & enjoy training and matches.

2. Develop Football Ability
To improve technique/skills & match situations.

3. Listen-Learn-Respect – Encourage-Support
The foundations of the club which we work hard collectively to adhere to.

The club is also very passionate about its charity support & in the past sent football shirts to Africa, supported Noah’s Ark Hospice and Nikki Christou’s Butterfly AVM Charity. Mario Michael our U14s coach climbed UKs 3 highest mountains last year with 10 other friends and they raised over £15,000 for Nikki’s charity.

From a club perspective last season, once again the boys all excelled on and off the pitch. All our teams finished strongly in their respective divisions & received high fair play scores from the other teams which for AEK is as important as winning trophies.

On the pitch, it’s time to say goodbye to our U18s who were in their last season of youth football after 9 years together. It’s a sad day, but they have now grown into young men and they are now well equipped to play men’s football – they are big enough and hairy enough!!! Special thanks goes to Maria and Romy, mum’s who have been instrumental in keeping the team together in testing times as a result of a number of coaching/management changes over the seasons. Our thanks also go to Chris Prokopiou who coached our teams 8yrs ago and came back to the club to coach the U18s for the last 2 seasons. He made them much better players and gave them a focus and discipline which will serve them well in the future.

Whilst one team has sadly departed we are so excited that a new team has been born in the shape of the U8s Eagles who guided by Stathi Marneros & ably supported by Dino Chrysostomou have had a super first season together. The boys are the clubs future and they have made a fantastic start together. A great group of boys & parents who are totally bought into the ethos of the club.

Highlights on the pitch included the U16 Blacks who were just short of winning the top division again, finalists in the league cup and should be congratulated for winning the Saturday AFA cup. A large crowd watched the final in Kew vs Finchley & Wyngate, a club with massive resources, the pick of the best players and they also came in the Arsenal team bus! AEK U16s equalised in the last minute of the game and took the match to extra time where they won 4-2 – a great day for the club. The U14s Blacks finished strongly as runners up in their league and are now moving up to the top division. A great example of where season on season the boys have improved & worked hard together, climbed up division by division and now 4 seasons on reached the prestigious ‘Red division’. They will find it tough but have earned the right to be there. They were Challenge cup semi-finalists too & also won the Hastings summer tournament to round off a great season. The U14 & U16 Golds competed well in their divisions but were hindered by injuries to key players during the season. They have a solid base to go into this season nonetheless.

This season AEK Youth FC has 5 teams: at 1x U9s, 2x U15s and 2x U18s  .

Well done & thank you to all the teams, coaches, parents & carers for making AEK the great club it is!